Grandness of vision

Amazon wins for that.

Here are the top three comments on Hackers News about the new Amazon Prime Air (drone delivery) *idea*

kyro 13 minutes ago | link

This concept and forward thinking is of the type I make a conscious effort to protect from skepticism and naysayers. Aside from any obvious or glaring safety issues, ideas like this one, that teeter on the reality-joke line, are the exact ones that bring about true disruption. And that’s why I encourage everyone around me to keep an open and forgiving mind, like you would with a child.
Will Amazon Prime Air work? I don’t know, but I hope so.

crusso 0 minutes ago | link

like you would with a child
Why would we turn off our critical thinking skills when contemplating claims of a leap in technology that transcends what many of us understand to be possible currently?
There are times to encourage creative thought, like with children or within the context of a brainstorming meeting.
But most of the time we should evaluate claims critically with the best practices of the Scientific Method.
IMO, there’s way too much gullibility in our society for religions, junk science, Internet scams, and political dogma.

dakrisht 0 minutes ago | link

Well said. It’s original thinking like this that moves us forward as a human race. And in order to move forward, you have to take huge risks, face uncertainty and do whatever you can to prove everyone wrong.

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