Welcome to my blog v2

This is v2 of my blog. You probably want to be over at v3 right here.


Note to self – this one is hosted on Dreamhost which has become hugely annoying and terrible due to security vulnerabilities and unstable/limited memory on their unlimited service. So my $100/year service really just sucks. I’m moving all my domains to Amazon and now this one is finally going too.


Here’s my About Amol page. It says I have started a bunch of startups, some big, built a big building, and done some other neat stuff.

Right now I’m building Knotable and Halo Neuroscience. Two amazing companies.

This is my weblog.

Drwn News was my weblog from 2006-2011, and before that from 2001 it was here as Drownout News.

Here’s what I wrote in my first post:

This is the first installment of the semi-public online diary. Semi-public, why? Because nobody reads it!

I lived in Paris for a year in 2002-2003, finishing my dissertation, and kept this travelogue: Drwn France. What I miss most about living there

Supermarket pain au chocolat. This philosopher is just a machine for turning pain au chocolat into theory.

In 2007, I founded Peek after co-founding Virgin Mobile USA and working for McKinsey & Company as well as other startups. I studied at Columbia and Stanford. More about me at AmolSarva.com

Please contact me by emailing amol at sarva dot co.