Write this email and get an interview at a startup the next day

From: XXX
Subject: Passionate, highly technical XXX student for Peek software engineering position
To: Peek CTO

Dear Dan and the Peek team,

My name is XXX, and I am a XXX at XXX University with a very strong background in computer science. I received your job opportunity and contact information through the XXX mailing list, and I am very interested in either working and/or interning for Peek during the summer of 2012 and beyond.

As a programmer who strives to be someone who – as Joel Spolsky says – is “smart and gets things done,” I live and breathe the art and science of coding. I have experience prototyping, designing, developing, staging, and testing both desktop and web applications, using languages such a C, C++, PHP, Python, Java, and Javascript. Furthermore, I have substantial experience developing using the STL, nodeJS, jQuery, Django, Tweepy, REST APIs, and have explored the Android SDK as well as the iOS SDK. Having interned for a seed stage startup during the spring and summer of my freshman year, I have grown to love the environment, the collaboration, and the creativity it fosters.

I have attached my resumé to this email, which also includes a link to my GitHub in case you would like to see any work samples. When I program, I consider it not only a means of pursuing my passion, but also a means of fulfilling my responsibility to improve the quality of human life through technology. I feel that Peek embodies this paradigm, and I would love nothing more than to become a part of it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me by cell at XXX or by email at XXX. Have a great rest of the week!

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