Who sends me email?

Cleaning my personal email account. Sent/received 60,000 emails since 2007 to about 9/2011

In the last five years, I have received
4,000 emails from Friendfeed.com (status alerts)
1,500 Simulscribe/phonetag voicemails (got 2 mails per voicemail in 2008-2010)
Started using Google Voice in 2010 but not many mails in that inbox
1,200 from Amazon.com
1,088 Facebook
800 with “alert” in the from/subject
500 My bank
550 my building’s buildinglink (packages received, etc)
400 Nutshellmail (a status update digest)
300 Paypal
239 “Yahoo!” in the from/subject

So about 10,000 or 20%ish are automated. Majority being social network spam.

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