Typos in Q is for Queens

The main post about Q is for Queens is here

Found one? Post it here in the comments please.

I found:
– Philip Johnson’s name is missing an “i” on the NYS Pavilion page
– 495 not 475 for the LIE

And from a friendly reader who is apparently a professional editor (but missed the above two :)

I really enjoyed the book, the art is gorgous, but I have to say it was very disappointing that no one did any kind of basic spell checking. The typos were the first things I landed on when I was flipping through. Cyndi Lauper spells her name with a y, no “c” in Aqueduct Racetrack, and there is no “u” in the Cataloging-in Publication. The front endsheet is also facing the wrong way. As an editor in the publishing industry, those last two may be more noticeable to me, but he typos are a big no-no. Especially now that this book is in stores and representing our borough, I do hope corrections can be made if there are future editions. I appreciate the incredible effort involved in getting this out there and wish you success with this project, overall, I’m happy to have helped support it.


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