Trusting your gut

Kahnemann’s new book about Thinking is great in differentiating the automatic, intuitive mind and the explicit, rational mind.

Everyone knows your mind has parts and tendencies, but we often forget that some parts are good for different things.

So too in startup life.

On some matters, increase you have experience, your automatic system is best. For others you must think explicitly and carefully.

A great rule of thumb on when to trust your gut: are these matters where human evolutionary history might have prepared our minds well?

Some examples:
– people matters. Is someone trustworthy? Are they smart? Will they fit in? – product design. Does an interface make sense? Is it beautiful?
– sales.

But in other areas your gut is folly. Estimating financials or project timing. Engineering an efficient solution. It also explains why some people are so limited. They think one approach or the other is the one true way. Both are needed.

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