The creative moment

Things are easy to do when you want to do them. They happen fast.

When you first think of a thing — right this minute — is often the most excited you will ever feel about it.

The whole context is present. The logic, the references, the voice. Nothing to recall or conjure.

So when you think of a thing, do it. Save time. Might not be in the ideal order. So what.

This is a way to get lots done.

Plus the Structured Procrastination thing.

When to defer:
1. Things that take a long time always lose on this calculus. As they should.
2. One counterargument to “do it now” is “it might go away”. Ignore and it will pass. Dont reply, dont troubleshoot, dont step in — somehow the need will be solved by others. Reasonable. OK so defer if it might go away.

Otherwise strike now!

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