The bad news for AT&T as they sold more iPhones than Verizon

AT&T CMO: This Is How We Sold Millions More iPhones Than Verizon In 2011 – Forbes.

Their answer is better marketing and better price.

My answer is: they’ve had it for the previous 4 years.

They could have done NOTHING and done better than 50:50 right?

Contract renewals, AT&T family plan users, and the “AT&T has the iPhone right?” universe should have had them at parity.

If I were them, I would not be taking a victory lap.

They spent 3x on ad budget vs. VZ and did about 1.6x iPhone sales. They also sold way fewer Android phones (Verizon was 1st there for the obvious reason), and AT&T sold fewer phones overall.

My prediction is this split continues to narrow.




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