Take knote

Season’s greetings!

I’ve been hard at work all year and I want to share the results with you.

Take **knote**.

We have started showing some people our creation, **Knotable**. It’s our new tool for thinking together. A platform where you can edit threads not just get tangled up in them.

The messages move. You can use more than words. [See what we mean at the earliest here www.knotable.com](http://knotable.com?link_list=808932)

In **Knotable** is where I’ve put the rest of my year-end update. Tidbits about **Halo Neuroscience**, our building **East of East**, the new skunkworks project we’re calling **PostX** and **BringAbout**, and even another thing or two.

So consider this a friendly greeting card with some news and warm wishes for the season and the new year. I hope you’ll write back (hit reply) and tell me what’s new in your world.

Warmest regards,



PS I’ve been blogging about it [https://a.sarva.co](https://a.sarva.co)

PS 1/2 If you are building a company and want somewhere to work. Come see us at the Knotel [http://bit.ly/TheKnotel](http://bit.ly/TheKnotel)

PPS If you don’t want my updates no worries at all just click right down below

Knotable | 33 W 17th St Floor 5

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