Sign of the times? My phone rang and…

It was a guy I went to high school with 19 years ago.

We have exchanged exactly 2 emails in the ensuing time — last month in fact.

So the phone rings and the fellow say “Hey, it’s Name from Stuyvesant.”

I think, fundraiser. Or…hmm, student? What does this guy want? Then I realize: we had emailed. He has a startup. He is trying to raise money for it. Oh man. Is he asking me?

Actually no! He has interest from a super famous investor!

He isn’t asking me to invest. He’s asking me for *advice* about how to handle it.

Some observations about this:

  • It is weird to call people on the phone. Even people you know. Only 2 people can call me at this point without me thinking WTF. None of them are work people
  • A lot of people must be trying to start startups out there.
  • Advice about startups is rife rife rife on the internet and yet people are calling ME and asking ME about “how to handle a term sheet” and so forth. Crazy.
  • Information boom != knowledge boom.

That is all.

Good luck old chum!


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