Shorter Drucker #3: Managing for outputs

“What can I contribute?” he says for chapter 3 and the argument is: don’t
think about what you are supposed to be doing, or what others are doing or
even what they need. Think about what you — YOU — can do, produce,
contribute add.

So it’s a “strengths” theory.

I’m a boring CFO put in charge of a big company. I’m not creative and
brilliant and won’t invent the future.

Should I change? Take classes? Go nuts?

Instead, Drucker relates the anecdote of Mr. Boring instituting a weekly
“are you advancing your best people” initiative through out the
organization. So instead of “go nuts” time, he systematically called folks
at a wide range of levels and asked them “what have you done to advance
your top people”. Then called them back next week and demanded results. A
few years later, magic and innovation ruled the company.

So in your case or my case: find out what you are good at and do that!

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