regarding your software project​

This is what an old fogey software engineer sounds like. 

If it sounds like you, take a good look in the mirror at your development process or perhaps ask whether something invented in the 1990s at “Andersen Consulting” or even 1970s at Bell Labs could possibly still the way to make software today. 

I wanted to have one of my guys put together a proposal for your project but it’s virtually impossible to figure out exactly what your looking for or need without having an actual conversation.

If you want we can work off of an hourly rate but in my experience it’s almost always better for both of us to just work off of a fixed price so everything is simple and clear, the problem is to do that I need to be able to know EXACTLY what your needs are and without us speaking that’s really not possible.  

If that doesn’t work I understand but I’m not really comfortable submitting a boilerplate proposal and then modifying it a 100 times.

Feel free to reach out to me via the contact info listed below or just reply to this with a time you’ll have 15 minutes to chat and I’ll mark it off so we don’t have to play phone tag.

Thank You,

VP of Operations
Phone: (217) 621-3xyz
[email protected]

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