Recruiting on Angel List, still a secret

Like with early stage investing, Angel List is an explosive possibility for
the extremely messy and noisy process of matchmaking companies with their

Founders spend waaaay to much time pitching their company. Angel List makes
it completely simple. It pares back so much of the BS but preserves much of
the core informational and social process that makes people come together
(e.g., credentials, social proof, track record).

The paring back is key key key — up front, simple, clear, no BS.

Compare how this startup looks on Angel List vs. their CEO’s LinkedIn.

Many of the best startups are using the amazingly clean and clear offering
from Angel List to hire as well. It’s just as clear and easy, it attracts
knowledgeable engineers who are specifically interested in *real* startups
not generic “I want a job that pays more”, and it’s free.

*How to do it*
– Be a notable startup founder or angel investor with an account on Angel
List. Most companies have at least 1-2 such people involved somewhere in
the food chain.
– Post the gig.
– Now here is the hard part –> adopt an extremely fast and lightweight
process. Focus not on heavy evaluation of the candidate but a quick match
to skills, career stage, interest.
– Then hire for a trial. “Come work here we’ll pay you”.
– If someone has a job they love/need/want already they won’t say yes.
Fine. They would also be super hard to fire if they did quit to come to
you, and didn’t work out.

These are all active candidates coming your way, not passive. So if there
is a match it is game on.

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