Q is for Queens, the ABC book–

Cheers from Queens,

I have been working on a book. Now it is almost ready. It is an ABC book about all the amazing, weird, and wonderful stuff from Queens.

Help me out

Your ideas would be invaluable. Plus your support in making it visible.

Of course you have two handy ways you can pitch in:

1. Support the kickstarter which just launched and get a book by clicking here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/amol/q-is-for-queens/

2. Tell some friends, only the ones who care about Queens or kids or books or whatever by taking a look at this app by clicking here (it lets you carefully pick people out that you might want to send the email to) http://amolfriend.meteor.com

At the very least check out the video

I made that with some friends and it is pretty cool. See it on the kickstarter page. More of the fantastic illustrations too https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/amol/q-is-for-queens/

Kind regards, Amol Sarva

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