Q is for Queens, for every kid in the borough–

Cheers from Queens,

The ABC book I kicked off a couple weeks back caught fire. Wow! You helped me blow out the goal in just days.

Since then I got a torrent of outreach from the press and community in Queens.

And it inspired me to set a higher bar — if you join in and back Q is for Queens we can reach that goal. Get *every kid in Queens* access to all the great stuff in our culture and history of the borough.

Help me put a copy of this book in every school, museum, and library

Support the kickstarter which is still rolling *and* you get a first printing of the hardcover book by clicking here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/amol/q-is-for-queens/

But if you skip out then we may not make the goal. We may not get the books into the schools and all

If you think you know a Queens fan, send this email along to them.

At the very least check out the video from the state assemblyman who saw our project — he is rallying his fellow elected officials. And this week a bunch of print pieces will appear in the Queens magazines and newspapers.

Thanks for being part of it,

Amol Sarva

P.S. As side projects go this is as fun one. More on Knotable (knotable.com) coming very soon. We are ready for the alpha now.

@amol // amolsarva.com for what I am up to // a.sarva.co is my blog

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