Oscar Wilde: “The only thing worse than being talked about…”

“…is not being talked about”.

Tesla case study.

Mid 2000s: Paypal hero Musk founds insane company: electric cars.

Crisis 08: cash running low, Musk does battlefield speeches to “company only” all hands. Wimps on staff freak and leak: “Tesla bankrupt!”

Musk goes pirate (“the beatings will continue till morale improves”) demanding secrecy. (Did govt make him do it?)

Mistake. PR swirls horribly.

Obama won so govt lends to visionaries and saves Tesla.

2012: Tesla launches best car ever made. NYTimes guy screws it up and runs out of juice. PR disaster!!

This time Musk goes public. Drops science, publishes detailed rebuttal; goes blue and calls the NYT a bunch of liars. Fire with fire. Stalemate.

2013: Musk ascends to heaven as Tesla stock flies. Owns the PR-osphere — Hyperloop, SpaceX, “You mean like Iron man? -Yep. Nice idea, we did it.”

October 13: viral video of car on fire. “Dude, it’s a Tesla”. Uh oh

Your move, Musk.

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