Mission fatigue for the mission driven

It’s mission vs make.

*The new “capitalist pig” doesn’t want money. They want to change the
world. Eg, this guy*:

“We are launching XYZ to bring people together and let the worlds knowledge
come to the aid of those who need it most. We need a way for people with
answers to meet people with questions etc etc…” (Slight paraphrase of
Jelly homepage)

*Eye rolling.*

“What? Why are you staring daggers at this earnest vegetarian humanist that
wants to use technology to improve people’s lives at the bottom of the

*Here is the reason: all that change everything nonsense is self-important
vanity. Replace money with fame and you get the same jerks.*

So there you have it. Smart cultured people are growing tired of TED talks
about changing the world. They want to knit an awesome sweater or plant
their garden or do some other quiet productive interesting private thing.

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