Ideas from BRK

Slept on a very interesting day of listening to BRK and its followers.


1. Buy BYD. Electric car bet meets China meets future of electric. BYD and
Tesla less so are the “tiny market share in a giant global market with
profits and management to go to 100x”

2. Buy BRK. These guys are set up to 4x their market cap in the next ten
years. I can think of few safe investments with this prospect. Not even
hipster real estate.

3. There is the prospect that what we discuss in startupland is a brewing
revolution on the order of magnitude of the Individual Investor Revolution
of the 60s which was led by Buffett and Vanguard and probably 30 other guys
I can’t think of right now. It changed America and hasn’t even fully
migrated to Germany or Japan. The individual investor makes markets work
differently and company creation and growth work differently. They backed
BRKs vehicle and others that changed business. Let’s say this mass of money
flows toward startups in the coming decades. The Wall Street of Startups.

4. You don’t have to change yourself. Charlie says “Play a game you can
win.” Or, find one you can win, preferably one full of idiots. There is
some stuff I am good at. I should do more of that (if the game is a
rewarding one). Here are two I didn’t think I would win at or like:
Stanford Professor or McKinsey Partner. Startup CEO: we shall see? Other
roles…? Cf “The Hedgehog and the Fox”.

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