How to use Elance

Freelancers are super annoying, flakey, self-interested, lazy,
deceptive and so forth.

That’s how they see their clients. They are right.

But if you can use these pools of on-demand workers effectively you
can get so much stuff done it’s insane.

Here is how normal people do it:
– sign up
– post a job with lots of detailed carefully written words, paragraphs, diagrams
– evaluate dozens of profiles and use stars and reviews
– consider various proposals for $5,000 or $1,200 or $700
– select a few to discuss/interview
– start the project with one
– begin work
– begin waiting
– begin worrying
– get some work back
– dislike it
– give detailed feedback
– wait a lot. what’s going on?
– freak out
– get some work
– like it kind of
– brag to their friends
– oh but wait
– fail
– never use elance again
– hire a local freelancer who charges $15,000
– fail
– give up on entrepreneurship

Wow that was tiring. I will right the correct way to do it next time.

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