Hiring your followers

Interesting discussion springing from Zappos new recruiting site: they have no application inbox.

You have to “join” their social network. Follow them or somesuch.

One view I heard a clever guy laying out was: WTF? Why would I go through all that trouble to get a job at Zappos?

On the other hand, this fellow got his present job in the following way:

Friend posted on Facebook to say “Amol is hiring for help with his company and investments. Email him.”

He emailed and I invited him to have a beer one Friday afternoon.

He seemed friendly and I let him try out the Knotable product.

He tried it and I gave him access to the source code to see if he could build it. After a whole he did.

I gave him some other assignments and offered to pay him for his time to work on them on the side. He did those.

Then we offered him a job.

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