Founder-centric vs idea-centric

Most VC investors are people centric. The idea matters but it could
change, you won’t.

So people-centric means it is an important part of how the pitch is
assessed. Can you get this done? Are you creative, resourceful,
unstoppable, smart, passionate, focused, and capable *generally* and
on the subject at hand?

But consider another upshot. I bet you haven’t thought of this before.

When you meet them and you are GOOD but your idea is BAD (also known
as “not a great fit for our partnership right now but a great idea,
wow I will be cheering for you from the sidelines”) there is something
special that founder-centric people will do.

Idea-centric people will just say “meh, don’t love the idea. Bye”

Founder-centric will say: this person is smart. They might change
their idea. But I can’t tell them what to do because smart founders
don’t take orders. I will instead show I like them and I “get it” bit
some nonsense is stopping me from doing this deal. I will encourage
them to come back to me later and send their friends to me.

They will make you think it was close and it kind of was because they
liked YOU. But it wasn’t going to happen.

Upshot: don’t let the friendly sounds soothe you into thinking your
idea is almost good enough.

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