Firing via evaluation at Yahoo

Apparently Yahoos are upset at getting rated low ‘unfairly’

I’m afraid that’s how ratings work. All ratings. You get ranked on “your performance” intermingled with the biases of the evaluators and the tests/work itself and the luck of the outside world/customers/markets.

Great people fail to make it at great places like McKinsey and Goldman.

But once these places are known for being demanding, elite, machines for people-quality… the winners and the losers both benefit.

Winners, well they won.

Losers, well they were somewhere truly elite, full of the best people; a fact that will attract more such people.

Today Yahoo isn’t such a place. Standards will make it better.

Seems you can’t complain about this system unless you have a better one, and every one I’ve ever seen is flawed in similar ways.

(I bought YHOO shares recently, after the Mail brouhaha — principled redesign of an aging product — and this gossip increases my conviction. Just like Reed Hastings and the stick-to-your-knitting move on Flixster increased my conviction back at $80/share.)

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