Facebook’s stock hope remind me of Yhoo

Remember 2008 when Yahoo got an offer at $40/share?
– Huge user base
– Amazing time on the site
– Incredible user data beyond anything anyone else had (profiles, mail, whatever)
– but….bad monetization

That’s exactly what these stories of “Facebook will figure it out” are saying

Back in 2008 though, Google was
– earning way more per visit/time on site
– growing faster
– capturing a valuable activity (user purchase intent)
– and they were in the process of extending their ad network into a gigantic network

Only the last one is something that Facebook has in the cards

And Yahoo failed at doing it

Seems to me if people haven’t figured out how to monetize Facebook 8 years in, then it may be too hard

After all, they never did figure out how to monetize Yahoo



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