Execution. What does it mean for startups?

Over breakfast one day, a friend told me how he had been really interested in the “curated/collaborative/content” space. Looked at a few. Got involved in one. And couldn’t really figure out how it had gotten so amazingly successful. Basically just “execution”.

Later, I understood what he meant by that was that Pinterest just looked awesome.

It wasn’t about ship dates, or closing deals, or crushing bugs.

It was a product comment about flow and looks and polish.

A sexy polished product probably just works better. (Footnote to PG.) Or at least the user will believe so.

And Pinterest looks great. So does TheFancy.


But this isn’t just for bigtime startups. Two great startups that did well at TechCrunch this week LOOKED really truly amazing. Even though their functionality was far from mind-blowing. One of them even won the whole show. The design was distractingly good. You just had to marvel at it.

It’s these two:



Lesson: execute.

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