Designing to be Apple

Started using an actual iPhone recently and, surprise, it is a lot like the iPad or iPod Touch. But you expect more from the world’s most profitable product eh?

1. It does not do that much more than the other stuff. Basically a bit bulky and a phone. 2. But Siri should be amazing right? It is only okay. It seems handy for quick stuff like a one line email or looking up a quick thing. But I think the touch ui is good for this and fast. So it doesn’t help me. 3. Network coverage and speed is a little annoying. It is a little slow to decide “am I on wifi?” if I leave both on. 4. Too prompty. What’s with the constant “smtp servers could not be reached”? I am on the subway okay!

On the other hand, though it might be annoying there is virtually nothing you have to figure out. No right click exploring or “there must be a settings somewhere”. There isn’t any. The way it is works okay. Nothing to decode. That seems like a product 2 billion people could use. 10x of today. Wow. An Apple is only worth $300bn + $100bn cash on hand while earning about 40bn last year. That number should perhaps be double.


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