Bolt is dead

Kind of a surprise – these guys were an also-ran in the mobile browser/light category to Opera. But given how insanely Opera has been growing in mobile the last 2 years, I am really surprised to see them shut it down.

Bolt Browser

We are in the midst of a browser renaissance folks!

In mobile, there is Safari, Chrome (on Android it’s the native one), Explorer for Windows, UC Web which is huge in China, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini, Mozilla and quite a few others based on Webkit, and others besides.

But it’s a business model scramble. Nobody is paying for these browsers, ad revenue is still an emerging category, the notion of ‘start page’ on mobile isn’t really there…

Just like Netscape didn’t survive the first web browser explosion, it is not surprising that these fine folks haven’t.

Though respect and admiration for the creators of Bolt née Thunderhawk, one of the first truly mobile browsers from the Winmo and Palm days.

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