4g Tmobile is a fraud

Tmobile 4g is so awful. It is 4mb down when you get it. I spend most of the day on Edge. I am told tmobile actually rate limits you if you are a top tier usage customer.

Hmm. Be slow and penalize only those who might notice.

Fios lowest tier at home is 15mb.

Might be my fault as I am using a Galaxy made for AT&T. But who has time to check?

Date,ConnType,Lat,Lon,Download,Upload,Latency,ServerName,InternalIp,ExternalIp “2013-04-07 18:50″,”Cell”,”40.74581″,”-73.94730″,4540,767,59,”New York City, NY”,”″,”″ “2013-04-07 18:44″,”Umts”,”40.74581″,”-73.94730″,4300,977,697,”New York City, NY”,”″,”″ “2013-04-07 18:40″,”Cell”,”40.74443″,”-73.94872″,4082,1062,42,”New York City, NY”,”″,”″ “2013-04-07 18:38″,”Wifi”,”40.74447″,”-73.94867″,13902,5527,142,”New York City, NY”,”″,”″ “2013-04-07 18:37″,”Wifi”,”40.74450″,”-73.94859″,14838,5453,14,”New York City, NY”,”″,”″ “2013-03-21 09:38″,”Wifi”,”40.72251″,”-74.00251″,6,85,1578,”Washington, DC”,”,″,”″


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